10 Ways to Tone and Strengthen Your Thighs

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Shaping, toning and strengthening thigh muscles is good for you. Stronger thighs mean you will be faster, jump higher and improve your overall stability. Therefore, strengthening your legs is a much better goal than simply achieving smaller thighs.

And it’s important to remember that the most important thing is overall cardiovascular and muscle health, not the size of your jeans.

While you can’t do one exercise to achieve a goal in just one specific part of your body, there are some exercises that focus more on the strength and endurance of your legs than other parts of your body. So if you want to strengthen and tone your thighs, consider some of these exercises.

These 10 exercises will help you in your fitness journey towards stronger thighs and a healthier life!

1. go to indoor cycling class

If you know how much indoor cycling is used for your thighs, you know how much this kind of training uses your thighs. That’s why indoor cycling is an excellent choice not only for toning down your legs, but also for improving your cardiovascular health and weight loss.

In fact, the results of one of the 2010Trusted Source studies showed weight and fat loss in sitting, obese women after 24 sessions of stationary cycling.

2. Find a set of stairs

On average, running burns 295 calories in 30 minutes and 590 calories per hourThe frustrated source in a person who weighs 154 pounds. When you turn on the stairs for your running training, you strengthen your thigh muscles. Because each step requires you to lift your body up, it forces your leg muscles to fire.

3. Take him to the sand

If you are lucky to live near the beach, a certified Armen Ghazarians trainer recommends a walk on the beach as a way to strengthen your thighs. “The extra tension associated with walking on the sand will help set the tone and strengthen the thigh muscles,” he explains.

To get familiar with the sand exercises, start by walking on the sand every day for 20 minutes. When your body gets used to sand exercises, you can add time to your daily workouts.

4. ballet style workouts

It is no secret that the dancers have strong and powerful legs. “Dancing combines the cardio element with specific toning movements that will certainly make your legs look amazing,” says certified trainer Lyuda Bouzinova.

This YouTube training with the Pilates sequence is great for lengthening and toning thigh muscles. Bouzinova says that a specific sequence is designed to tilt the thighs and create long, subdued lines by working all important thigh muscles in a specific order.

5. Take the sport

The quick change of direction required in many sports will help shape your legs from any angle, according to Ghazarians. Consider sports that require aerobic thigh muscles, such as:


6. Increase resistance training

Participation in whole-body strengthening classes, strengthening the muscles, at least two days a week, can help burn calories, reduce fat mass and strengthen the thighs. These include lower body exercises such as lunges, sitting on the wall, internal/tripartite lifting of the thighs and lifting the body weight itself.

The key to strengthening your legs without bulging is to maintain a high level of repetition (at least 15 repetitions per set). Perform three rounds of each exercise with minimal rest between each movement.

You can also add upper body movements to lower body exercises for a great two-in-one movement for overall fitness. For example, grab a dumbbell and perform bicep curlers or upper arm squats.

7. Perform weight-bearing squats

Bodyweight squats, which is squatting using your own bodyweight as a resistance, burn calories, strengthen leg muscles, and tension thigh. Besides, you can do it anywhere, anytime.

Ghazaris recommend starting with 25 weight squats, twice a day (50 in total). You can squat while watching TV at home or after climbing the stairs at work. If you are ready for an even bigger challenge, try this 30-day weighted squat.

8. Work your inner thighs

Bouzinova says that the inner thighs are notoriously difficult to target, and the exercises that tone them are a little awkward. So, many people skip them completely. But if you feel funny exercising in the gym, do it in the privacy of your own home.

A great move is the “march of the plateau” that you can see in this Mission Lean YouTube workout. It works on your inner and outer thighs as well as your buttocks, giving them a completely subdued look.

9. Try some balance work

You can do balance work at home or in the gym. “Balance work tones up all the smaller muscles in your legs and thighs, tightens them quickly and creates beautiful, lean legs.” – explains Bouzinova.

Bouzinova says that a good thing to try is to have dead single legs raised on a Bosu ball or the whole training on a sandy beach to really test your balance.

10. HIIT cardio

Cardiovascular exercises burn calories and strengthen the heart. It also helps to reduce body fat. Including both Intensive Periodic Training (HIIT) and steady state cardio exercises in your overall exercise plan will help you reduce body fat and tone your thighs.

For more advanced training and calorie burning, consider adding one metabolic conditioning session to your fitness plan. The CDC recommendsTrusted Source that adults receive at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity every week.

Combine moderate and vigorous aerobic activity to achieve total exercise.

Weight loss note

Please note that improving your condition does not necessarily mean losing weight. But if the goal is also to emaciate and change your body composition, you will need to burn more calories than you consume.

Many of the above workouts will burn calories and at the same time strengthen your muscles. Remember that slow and constant weight loss is the best way to maintain your weight loss over time.

The Centers for Disease Control and PreventionTrusted Source (CDC) recommends losing about one to two pounds per week. People who do this are more likely to maintain their weight.

It is also important to avoid an extreme diet that cuts one group of foods completely, like carbohydrates, or is very low in calories, Bouzinova notes.

And the benefits of weight loss go far beyond aesthetics. According to a study from 2018, the loss of inches in the thighs, hips and buttocks can reduce other risk factors for heart disease.

Here are some scientifically supported tips to lose weight in a healthy way:

Drink plenty of water, especially before meals.
Eat eggs for breakfast, not grain.
Read food labels to reduce the amount of sugar you add.
Looking for something more? This article contains many practical tips on how to lose weight.


To strengthen and tone your thighs, you should perform exercises involving your legs. If weight loss is also a goal, dietary changes combined with strength and aerobic exercises will help you to lose fat, strengthen your muscles and improve your overall condition.