32 Easy Teen Hairstyles For Those Hot Summer Days

Summer is the best time to be a teenager!

School is out and you have your entire summer vacation planned. It’s all perfect! One sure way to beat the heat is to get your hair right. Let’s face it: Most of the time in summer you don’t know what to do with your hair. The hot weather makes you sweat, so you quickly start to tie your hair into a bun. But how often will you wear a bun before you get bored? To help you, I have put together my 32 best tips for summer hairstyles here. Take a look at them!

1. Slick Bob

Bobs are everywhere this summer! The only way to beat them is to throw them down the bob like Grace Vanderwaal. All you need is some mousse and a comb. Piece of cake! Even if a side parting is not your style, try this look with a center parting.

2. Modern Hime

The Hime cut is a traditional Japanese style that can be traced back to the Heian period. It is a modern variant of this style, which is very often seen in anime. It is an extremely cool look for sports this summer.

3. Cutesy Curls

Vintage curls look so elegant. They add texture and dimension to your hair. But most importantly, they add a great summer touch to your regular haircut. Curl the ends of your hair in large curls to achieve this look.

4. The Bobby Pin

While the summer is hot, show your short hairstyle in all its glory! Separate your hair on one side and add a simple hairpin to create the most beautiful hairstyle ever.

5. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob is perfect for teenagers this summer. He has style and thanks to his short length he won’t make you sweat. However, you will need to cut it regularly to keep this hairstyle looking fresh.

6. Upturned Ends

When it comes to hairstyles, small details go a long way. Add a little hairstyle to your curls with a round brush, mousse and a hairdryer. Simply turn the tips upwards to give your look a fun feel. This is a quick solution!

7. Cute Bob

Soft layers lend a touch of femininity to this wildcat. The ends are feathered so that the layers are not too hard. This softness draws attention to the jaw line. Even the bangs are thinned out to balance this look.

8. Messy Bob

A messy bob is a great summer look for teenagers. Its length and light layers create a carefree mood. You don’t need to look for rubber bands to tie up your hair when playing outside. Just make this summer short!

9. Finger Waves

Before you raise your eyebrows with this look, hear me out. Proms and school dances require formal hairstyles, and finger waves are the perfect hairstyles for such events. They can also be worn with jeans and a graphic t-shirt and look incredible.

10. Modern Pixie

This goblin is perfect for teenagers with thin hair. It’s stylish and chic. And if you’re late, you can flaunt it like a dirty elf cut and get away with it. Play around with this haircut that suits any mood.

11. Classic Messy Updo

If you browse through Instagram, you will notice a trend where young girls want to look more mature. This is the perfect hairstyle for that. Also, this summer will be hot, so why tie your hair up shabbily when you can look like the princess you are?

12. Layered Bob

A full-grown bob is not bad looking, but he can look unkempt. Adding layers to your bob can accentuate the unkempt look without making it look bad. It will also give it a stranded look.

13. Sculpted Pixie

If you like angular styles, this sculpted goblin cut is just the thing for you. The pointed bangs accentuate the shape of your face. However, if you have broad cheeks or a hard jawline, I would not recommend this goblin.

14. Braided Ponytail

The braided ponytail has taken the world by storm! Add your own twist to it with traditional plaits like Marley plaits or Ghana plaits. It doesn’t get any cooler than this.

15. Kinky Ponytail

It is wonderful that African women and girls embrace their natural hair. It is a sign of strength and tradition. Embrace your ancestors with this stunning, perverse ponytail that will turn up the heat this summer.