7 Mistakes That Make Your Makeup Look Cheap

Makeup is an integral part of life for most women. It’s their armor and their weapon at the same time. According to some studies, a woman spends about 335 hours a year taking care of her appearance. And it’s such a pity when a single mistake nullifies all these efforts and ruins the makeup job, making a woman look messy. But we’ve got no time for regret! We’re ready to analyze the mistakes and come up with the right solutions.

The female half of the tattoosroses editorial staff went through several hundreds of photos of famous beauties, spotted all the makeup mistakes that they had ever made, and took a solemn oath to never repeat them. Now we’re ready to share our findings with you.

1-Concealer too light

Don’t confuse concealer with illuminator! If you choose a shade too light to camouflage your dark circles, you will end up with two white marks under your eyes. Instead, choose a colour that is close to your skin tone.

2-Misused eyelash curler

To protect your lashes as much as possible from breakage, use before applying mascara. Not after…

3-Make-up for eyes AND mouth

Loaded eyes and a mouth that’s definitely too much. You have to choose between a gun’s eyes and an incendiary mouth.

4-Going over with your lipstick

To give the impression of having fuller lips, you might be tempted to overflow a little with your lipstick… Hello clown effect! Instead, put a touch of gloss in the centre of your lips if you want to give the illusion of a fuller mouth.

5-Choosing the wrong foundation color

Far from making you look good, foundation that is too dark can age and turn orange. A foundation that is too light makes you look sick. Don’t hesitate to ask an expert in your usual perfumery for advice.

6-Forgetting to take off your makeup

We can never repeat it enough, the make-up removal box is ESSENTIAL! Forgetting this crucial step can lead to pimples, redness or clogged pores. But that’s not all, wrinkles also become more pronounced and the complexion looks more tired.

7-The nail art badly done

If it’s important to have a nice manicure, watch out for the failed nail art! Badly mastered, a nail art can give the impression of dirty nails or take away our credibility. If you want to do some tests to improve yourself, don’t forget to remove your nail polish afterwards!

8-Abuse of mascara

Who doesn’t dream of long, full lashes? To do this, you don’t put too much on to avoid the clumping effect.

9-Forget to powder the neck

Nothing worse than the masking effect. To remedy this, consider powdering the neck for a uniform finish.

10-Apply a powder that is too dark

Looking good doesn’t necessarily mean using a powder that’s too dark. Otherwise, beware of the orange alert. Choose a colour that warms the complexion without saturating it.

11-The smoky eye too loaded

Smoky eye is the evening makeup we all dream about. Be careful however not to have too heavy a hand to avoid the panda effect. To achieve it perfectly, take a look at our tuto smoky easy.

12-Badly redrawing his eyebrows

To make up your eyebrows requires finesse and precision. The secret: a well-chosen shade and a well-sharpened pencil.
Discover our tutorial for pretty eyebrows.

13-Putting on too much foundation

Having a heavy hand with the foundation makes you look bad and gets old. Think of the brush and sponge for a lighter application.

14-Missing your eyeliner line

Getting a doe eye with eyeliner is possible. To do this, it is necessary to draw its line in three steps: the outside, the center then the inside of the eye.
Discover our tutorial for an easy eyeliner line.

15-Eyeshadow poorly applied

Eyeshadow is often applied incorrectly. Be sure to stay on the moving eyelid if you use only one colour. And so that it does not drool in the crease, remember to use a base.

16-Put on too much blush

Unless you want to look like a Russian doll, you have to have a light hand on the blush. Tip: shake your brush to remove excess powder before application.

17-The lip pencil too visible

The lip liner that you can see, it’s out of fashion. For a trendy look, choose a shade identical to that of lipstick and blend the colour towards the inside of the lips to avoid too sharp a line.

18-Put too much powder

When it comes to makeup, you have to avoid excess. The same applies to powder, which can weigh down the complexion by creating a plaster effect. Just like blush, you shake your brush before application