When it comes to their image, hairstyles are important for many women. Well groomed hair can accentuate facial features and smooth out imperfections, while an incorrectly chosen hairstyle or hair color can spoil even the brightest looks and accentuate unwanted features.

has collected a number of examples of typical styling flaws that age a person. We have also included some recommendations to prevent this from happening.

1-Your hairstyle is out of fashion

It’s easy to fall into a routine, but sticking to the same hairstyle year after year can end up making you look older than you are. Adam Bogucki, owner of Chicago’s Lumination Salon, recommends changing your hairstyle at least once every 10 years. “I’m not one of those people who think you should have short hair just because you’re a certain age,” he says. But if you’ve had the same haircut for a lifetime, it’s likely to make you look older.”

2-Your bangs are too square

Rather than a thick, square fringe, Adam Bogucki suggests framing your face with a light, tapered fringe. “I have a lot of clients who are always worried about horizontal lines on their forehead and always opt for a heavy fringe, but this one can make it look super severe.”

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