How to Get Rid of Back Fat: Exercises, Foods, and Lifestyle Changes

While some of us have trouble removing fat from our stomachs, others can’t get rid of the fat from our backs, no matter how hard they try. Also called a “bra bulge”, back fat is that annoying chubbing tape that clings to the back muscles and creates a skin fold above the waist or a bulge that comes out of a bra strap.

We are happy to answer the eternal question of how to get rid of the fat from your back, but you can’t really see it. But it’s not necessarily bad. If you’re serious about firming your back, you need to reduce the amount of body fat, which means you’ll look slimmer everywhere – not just under the bra. (Woohoo!)

Adding fat-burning foods to your diet, adjusting your daily routine and adding targeted strength training are the most effective ways to carve a slim back.

We have gathered the best tips on how to get rid of fat from your back so that you can strengthen yourself and feel confident in your own skin.

Exercises to get rid of back fat.

Direct yourself to the back and core (muscles in the middle of the body that wrap around the cornea and to the sides and back) with these effective tips and exercises to reduce back fat.

1-Weight training

The USDA may recommend an hour of cardio five times a week for optimal heart health, but jogging alone will not help you lose fat from your back. “You need a combination of strength training and cardio to get rid of fat from your body,” explains Mike Duffy, CPT, adding: “Only Cardio will train one type of muscle fibre, and you will only build one part of your fat burning oven. I see many people doing tons of cardio every day and not lifting weights. They never change their appearance.”

Adding HIIT and weight training sessions several times a week to your HIIT workout will make you “have an oxygen debt, so your body will have to play “overtime” after the workout. This increases the rate of metabolism to take advantage of the increased fat loss during and after training,” explains Duffy.


To exercise your basic muscles and stabilize your back to get rid of fat, try this workout without gym:
Place two dumbbells on the floor and take a push-up position, keeping your hands on the dumbbells at a distance around your shoulders. Your body should be as rigid and straight as a board, forming a straight line from head to toe. An additional difficulty is that you work to prevent the dumbbells from rolling down from under you.
Hold this position for 30 seconds.
If you want to continue aiming at your back, raise one arm to shoulder height and hold it for a few seconds.


While most people think of push-ups as a chest exercise, this is much more than that. “Pumps help increase lumbar stability with pressure on the spinal column.” – says Jay Cardiello, personal coach and star of ABC’s My Diet Is Better Than Yours. Basically, this means that the exercise helps strengthen your back muscles to support your spine, preventing back pain and giving you a slim figure – which is exactly what you want when your goal is to get rid of back fat.

To do push-ups as an exercise to get rid of back fat from your back:

Lie down on the floor face to face with your hands on your sides, just behind your shoulders and feet at a hip distance.
Lift your hips, thighs and chest from the floor so your weight is supported by your fingers and hands. This is the starting position.
Breathe out the air, straightening out your arms and pushing your body up until your hands are straight. Try to keep your head, hips and ankles in line as if your body were a straight board.
After a short break at the top, breathe in air, lowering yourself down.
Repeat ten times.


Sick of a bulge that protrudes around the shoulder blades? Well, stop stressing yourself! Studies show that stress tends to increase the levels of cortisol, the hormone that gives those extra pounds to your ass. Reducing stress can be as easy as taking a weekly yoga class and enjoying every second of savasana. In addition, holding and breathing through poses such as the 3 and crescent warrior can help strengthen and tone your back and spinal muscles.

5-Side Crunches

Making side crunches several times a week can hide in your abs and carve out your bevels so they don’t spill over your pants. To do the exercise:
Place a Swiss ball a few feet from the wall.
Lean one hip against the ball while stiffening your spread feet in the center of the wall and floor.
Grasp your fingers by the head and push your taller elbow towards the wall until your trunk is almost straight.
Turn the motion around, stretch your chest well and then pull your trunk towards the wall.
For optimal results, avoid those 20 foods that you should never eat after training.

6-Bent-over Dumbbell Rows

This exercise is aimed at the middle back, patches and shoulders, giving you a super carved back.

Spread your legs firmly over the width of your hips.
With a dumbbell in each hand (hands facing each other), bend your knees slightly and lift your trunk forward, bending at your waist; while bending, make sure your back is straight until it is at a 60 degree angle. The weights should hang directly in front of you as your arms hang perpendicular to the floor. This is your starting position.
Hold your trunk still, bend your elbows and lift your dumbbells to the side (while exhaling), keeping your hands close to your body.
In the upper contraction position, squeeze your back muscles and hold for a second.
While inhaling, slowly lower the weights back to their original position.
Repeat for 10 repetitions.


The next time you hit the gym, work on your “patches”, the muscles around your middle back that stick to your spine, with the patches pulling up.
Start by sitting on a pulling machine that has a wide bar attached.
Then grasp with your hands forward, making sure your hands are at a greater distance than your shoulders.
Push out your chest, breathe, and then pull the rod down until it reaches the top of your chest.
Hold briefly and then slowly lift the stick up.
Just make sure you feel your back muscles while working, not your forearms. Do you usually hit the gym in the morning? Don’t miss out on these ways to get motivated for your morning workouts!

The best diet changes and foods to get rid of back fat.

These simple dietary and routine changes can help you lose weight at all, taking you one step closer to banishing fat back for good!

Eat more sweet potatoes.

You think you can lose fat if you’re a carbaholic? Think again! Sweet potatoes are digested slowly and make you feel fuller and more energetic than many other carbs. They are also saturated with saturated fibre and carotenoids, antioxidants that stabilise blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance, preventing calories from turning into fat.

Hydrate with H2O.

Sometimes when we think we’re hungry, we’re just dehydrated. And that’s why we recommend taking eight to ten glasses of water every day. It can fill you up without going back one calorie! You’re not a fan of regular H2O? Slicing whole citrus fruit into slices contributes to the formation of d-limonene (an antioxidant in the peel), which can help the body excrete toxins and fat. So prepare a pitcher of detoxifying water and enjoy sipping your slim way.

Fill up on fiber.

Fiber is notorious for keeping full longer, so loading on this macroelement will help you kick your desires to the curb – and lose inches from behind quickly! While many know that oatmeal is an excellent source of fiber, one cup of oat bran packs even more nutrient plus 20 grams of muscle building protein for the same amount of calories.

Some prebiotics that contain oligofructose can help even more. Oligofructose is a type of fiber that can increase the level of ghrelin, a hormone that controls hunger. Other strong sources of this nutrient are:

The leeks
Jerusalem artichokes (also called sunflowers)

Fight inflammation.

It may seem strange, but if your body is inflamed, it is much harder to carve out a leaner silhouette and part with ugly back fat. Things like sophisticated flours, artificial sweeteners and processed meat can lead to chronic inflammation that not only raises the figures on your scale, but also leads to other problems such as drowsiness and digestive problems. Beat the inflammation by avoiding these inflammatory foods and adding antioxidant-rich snacks such as dark chocolate (make sure its cocoa content exceeds 70 percent) and berries to your diet. Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are an excellent source of antioxidant anti-inflammatory agents called flavonoids, which can help your back lose weight.

Brew a cup of green tea.

So far we’ve probably all heard about the effects of burning fat by green tea. But, make room for her much more powerful cousin, Matchy. According to Kristen Carlucci, RD, matcha green tea has more EGCG (a strong antioxidant that increases levels of the starving hormone CCK) than standard green tea. “One study showed that drinking these things after exercise can increase fat burning by up to 25 percent,” says Carlucci. So continue these bent rows of dumbbells with a matcha protein cocktail to trim fat from the upper and lower back.

Cut back on sodium.

Although salt may seem innocent, tasting even the lightest food without extra calories, it can actually cause rapid weight gain and bloating, which can contribute to an unsightly bra bulge. Eating more than the recommended amount of 2300 milligrams per day (1500 mg if you have high blood pressure) can stimulate thirst and make you eat more. “The biggest benefit of reducing salt intake is that you won’t carry this extra fluid on your body”. – explains Jessica Crandall, RD from VitalRD. So if you need a quick solution to quickly leave the fluids, stay away from the salt shaker.

Lifestyle tips to lose overall body (and back) weight.

In addition to exercise and dietary changes, there are some general lifestyle changes that can be done to speed up fat loss.

Make sure you get enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation can lower your leptin hormone, a hormone that inhibits hunger, which is bad news when you try to cut down on fat. “Falling levels of this hormone sends a message to your brain that you are short of food and increases your appetite. This jump in appetite makes eating comfort more attractive, which makes it more than indulge in these types of foods,” Cardiello tells us. In addition, getting a fixed number of hours of closed eyes every night may be a little more important than how many hours you actually get. It has been scientifically proven that irregular sleep patterns cause irregular changes in our hormones, leading to a higher appetite and, consequently, a flaccid ass. Insufficient closing of eyes is not the only thing that can slow down your progress. The little things that make you get fatter can also be guilty.

Preparing a meal.

In an ideal world without deadlines and traffic, we’d eat three home meals a day. But since life doesn’t go that way, preparing meals in advance will save you a lot of time, fat and frustration. Spending several hours cooking healthy meals in bulk once or twice a week will help you stay on track to avoid temptations (in the form of frozen lunches or fizzy drinks) when hunger arises. Cleaner diet = less fat on your back and everywhere else, too.

Change your calories, otherwise known as “caloric cycling”.

There is a good chance that the calorie variation can keep your cravings and fat on your back at bay. Believe it or not, your body will get used to a constant amount of calories, even if that amount is at the bottom. So even if you have been religiously eating only 1300 calories per day, after a certain amount of time this can cause you to plateaued weight loss. According to research, a calorie-changing diet can help you lose significant weight and lose fat.