Top 101 Stylish And Smart Hairstyles You Must Flaunt This Summer

Are you ready to rock your summer fashion with some edgy hairstyles? Would you like to explore the hottest hair trends of this summer, which can make you the center of attraction at any event? Great!

Let us keep you informed about the latest summer hair trends and look extremely good. Read on below for more

1. The Vogue Bob:

Whether you are blonde or brunette, this fashionable look will definitely put you in the spotlight at any event. The straight fringes and rounded ends give the chin-length bob a super stylish finish.

2. Curly Hair Bob:

Do you love your lush curls, but don’t you know how to wear a chic bob style on them? Let yourself be inspired here. This curly mop of hair is perfect for heart-shaped faces, and the sparkling amber hue adds a whole new dimension.

3. Simple Asymmetric Bob:

Wearing a nice hairstyle is not limited to a certain age. Take a look at this trendy asymmetrical bob and you will be impressed. Wear this ‘hi-lo’ style with confidence and age gracefully.

4. Wavy Hair Bob:

Many women have beautiful wavy curls. They are often torn between the desire to keep their curls long and the desire to cut them short because they are unmanageable. This hairstyle is the best of both worlds. The golden blonde and naturally flowing waves are a perfect combination for you.

5. Curly Bob With Bang:

Guess what. We just gave the curly-haired guy a boost. Look at that beautifully layered bang on the side of the forehead. Doesn’t it complement the luscious curls in just the right way?

6. Slicked-Back Medium Bob:

Whether it’s a formal event or a casual party, a smooth bob is the best way to look both beautiful and ultra-fashionable. Use plenty of hairspray to keep your hair in place. Make sure that your outfit, accessories and make-up are designed to match this look.

7. Textured Inverted Bob:

If you are someone who loves to be trendy, why not go for that deep black, structured inverted Bob? Don’t forget all the little details like straight fringes, razor-sharp ends, and of course those funky red stripes!

8. Amazing Puffy Bob:

Do you have a long, narrow face? Then this is one of the stylish bob hairstyles you can try out. A swollen bob is a right choice for a hairstyle that will add the finishing touch to your summer fashion. The curls should be shoulder-length. Adding layers to the fringes will make your face look wider.

9. Sleek-n-Straight Bob:

So you have smooth, fine curls and are simply bored by your multi-layered hairstyle. Well, give your hair a nice style with this smooth bob. Simple, cute and fashionable are the specialties of this style. What do you say?

10. Rounded Bob:

Give your hair a perfect retro look with this short, rounded bob. The bang should be along the edges of your eyebrows, while the bob should not extend beyond the cheekbones. It fits best to women with round faces and blonde hair.

11. Dual-Toned Bob:

To describe this unique hairstyle is a task. ? This two-tone bob is actually both trendy and sophisticated. If you are ready to experiment with your textured bob this summer, play with black and dark beige blonde.

12. Messy Bob:

Oh, yes! ‘Messy’ can also look elegant if you can wear it with style and confidence. See how the American actress Melanie Griffith wore her messy bob in this picture? Isn’t she beautiful!

13. Fashionable Bob:

Trust is the key to wearing this fashionable bob perfectly. Be it the smooth sides or the intense red-brown stripes, if you are not satisfied with your own look and style, you will not wear it properly.

14. Short Blunt Bob:

Who says the summery bob haircut doesn’t look elegant? Look at this short bob with blunt fringes and edges and you will see that you have been wrong all these years. You can even experiment with your hair colour while displaying this style.

15. Boyish Bob:

Those looking for a boyish cut may consider this graceful bob. It’s basically a layered hairstyle where the front parts are rolled up for a textured look and the rest of the hair is kept up to the neck.

16. Textured Retro Bob:

Get your long-awaited retro look with this exclusive, stylish bob haircut. The entire hair is transformed into a huge textured wave, while the color and shine add to its elegance.

17. Gorgeous Blond Bob:

Blonde beauties can follow in the footsteps of popular singer Pixie Lott and look absolutely stunning. The sight of a woman’s hair resembling a teased crown, falling in flowing layers of coffee-brown lowlights! Amazing!

18. Simply Stylish Bob:

You can keep it all simple by choosing this regular bob. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your style quotient. Simplicity is the biggest feature of this hairstyle, so you’ll look subtly beautiful.

19. Relaxed Bob:

A relaxed bob is an ideal choice for all occasion events. It is one of the latest trends that you should not miss. Combine it with one of your favorite leisure outfits and you are well on your way to becoming the “show stopper”.

20. Classic Bob:

Revive the old charm with this classic Bob and look like a real diva. If you love to go the retro way, this hairstyle would certainly stir you up. Add a twist to the stunning black color and small intense curls by selecting some traditional hair accessories.

21. Sexy Bob:

Bob doesn’t just make us look good. He can make us look sexy too. This Ashley Greene picture is proof of that! This hairstyle is best suited for girls with heart-shaped or oval faces and thick hair. Create these sexy curls and dark golden brown highlights to bring out the full look.

22. Mushroom Bob:

A mushroom cut is one of the most stylish bob haircuts that have always fascinated hairstylists. Now you can try it on your bob as well. The length of the hair should reach to the middle of your ears, while the front part should reach to your upper eyelids. Strong lips and this hairstyle go hand in hand.

23. Razor-Sharp Layered Bob:

Here is another cool bob hairstyle that would help you create your own style statement. Make a multi-layer bob cut and make the hair tips razor sharp. You have just discovered a super styling you, no!

24. Asymmetric Step Bob:

As already mentioned, the asymmetrical bob is one of the most striking hairstyles that no bob lover can ignore and try out. In this picture, Victoria Beckham has spiced up the look even more by opting for steps at the back of the head. Are you ready to go?

25. Medium-Length Layered Bob:

If you are wearing a bob style on medium length hair, always choose a layered cut. This will emphasize your strong features. Also, don’t forget to get a nice, smooth bang on the forehead.

26. Segmented Bob:

A segmented bob is basically an extended version of the textured bob. You must ‘texture’ your hair so that it looks precisely segmented. Make sure that the front segment rests on the middle of one of your ears to give you a feminine look.

27. ‘Corporate’ Bob:

When it comes to a hairstyle that goes well with businesswomen, there can be nothing better than that distinctive “corporate” Bob. Stick to the deep black color like American actress Lana Parrilla and enjoy all the attention.

28. Side-Parted Straight Bob:

If you have medium-length, straight hair, choose a bob cut and wear this side-split style for a decent look. The tip of the hair should be at the back of the neck, and you can roll it up to a certain extent for extra beauty.

29. Center-Parted Bob:

A bob with a middle section can help you look extremely classy. If you are blonde with long hair, choose peach highlights to enhance your look. Be inspired by this image of the popular musician Laure Shang.

30. Vibrant Orange Bob:

How would it be to wear a bright orange bob hairstyle with some rich chocolate brown lowlights? Try this to get an overly chic look. You will definitely look sexy.

31. Slicked-Back Short Bob:

You have already seen how a pushed back bob hairstyle can be set on a medium length hair. Here you can see how to wear the same hairstyle for short curls. Stimulate the crown of your head to get the necessary volume and use enough hairspray.

32. Super Straight Bob With Fringes:

A super straight bob is great for round or oval faces, as it can compensate for roundness by creating the illusion of a longer face. The fringes cover the entire forehead beautifully. Therefore, a wide forehead can be hidden from view in this way.

33. Voluminous Bob:

Well, here’s a hairstyle not just anyone can pull off. As the name suggests, this style is all about volume, and you need to have neck-length hair to perfectly replicate the look.

34. Reddish Brown Bob:

Choose this reddish-brown bob and spice up your look this summer. It is nothing more than a normal bob cut with rounded fringes at the front. But the stunningly beautiful color will certainly set you apart from the rest.

35. Asymmetric Curly Bob:

Do you think that curls and asymmetry can never go hand in hand? Just look at the picture and you will know why this is nothing more than a simple misunderstanding. So get ready to style your natural curls with an asymmetric bob this summer.

36. Polished Bob:

Do you have fine hair? Style it in a polished bob. Yes, a simple, rounded bob hair can turn you into a glamorous diva if you are smooth and shiny. This is another example of a contoured hairstyle that goes very well with round and oval faces.

37. Half-n-Half Bob:

From blonde to brunette, anyone can try this half bob as it always offers an ultra-feminine look. Combining a chin-length bob with a smooth frontal bang on the back, it is very versatile and perfectly complements the features of long and oval faces.

38. Bright Copper Bob:

If you want to go trendy with your bob, choose the brightest shade of copper. Also, carry it off the right way by picking your accessories and outfit carefully. In this picture, the layered bob is looking strikingly beautiful.

39. Bright Blue Bob:

After copper, it is time for a light blue hue. This is a shimmering shade of blue on a medium-length bob hair, worn by the famous singer Katy Perry. An absolute eye-catcher!

40. Wet-n-Wild Bob:

This bob gives the illusion of wet hair, because her ends are mixed up in it. For a wild look, try not to change from deep black to any other colour. Light eyes and strong lips go very well with this hairstyle.

41. Sweet and Short Bob:

If you have a round or heart-shaped face, try this hairstyle. It consists of short layers with sharp ends, which enclose the face nicely overall.

42. Long Stylish Bob:

This long bob is a pretty good option for those scorching summer days. It’s a double layer hairstyle where the first layer ends at the chin and the second layer extends 2 to 3 inches beyond the neck.

43. Medium-Length Wavy Bob:

You have already seen how waves can create magic for short bob hairstyles. Well, that goes for medium-length hair, too. If you have a long or oval face and medium to thick hair structure, you can wear this hairstyle effortlessly.

44. Highlighted Ultra-Short Bob:

This is an ultrashort bob that doesn’t go over the middle ear. It is a good choice for both round and oval beauties. The crimped ends and the coffee-brown highlights give the bob an angular finish.

45. Feathered Bob:

Charming Short Bob Hairsytyles for Black Women

Imagine that you feel like a feather every time you touch your hair. With this exclusive feather bone, it can actually become a reality. Most of the time it is a chopped off bob that comes with great shine and wonderful bounce. Simply wow!

46. Princess Diana Bob:

Wer kennt sie nicht, die bezaubernde Schönheit von Prinzessin Diana? Ihr wunderschönes, helles, goldblondes Haar ist immer noch in aller Welt in aller Munde. Viele Schichten und intensives Volumen waren hier charakteristisch für ihren Stil.

47. Funky Colorful Bob:

Do you like to play with colors? This multicolored bob style will certainly meet your taste. Let the rich pink tone inspire you and give your hair some funky hairpieces. This is fun!

48. Top Knot Bun:

A sleek hairstyle that makes you look neat and tidy and buns are one of our favorite, easy-to-create hairstyles.

49. Messy Bun:

If you want to give your boring bun a little bit of bounce, try adding a little volume and keeping it messy. The best thing about this casual and sexy hairstyle is that it can be worn anywhere – literally. Be it at parties, girls’ night out or even the gym! This bun doesn’t have to be neat, and that’s the beauty of this look.

50. Side Bun:

Decide on this funny bun hairstyle that is just as glamorous. Take out a few loose strands for a messy and stylish look. This summer hair bun is perfect for evening parties.

51. Headband Bun:

We can’t get enough of that if we get pimped out with a headband bun. To double the big, messy look, start by teasing your hair until you have a tuft. Then brush your hair all the way back and collect it into a messy bun that you secure with hairpins. Pull strands of hair from the bun to create the perfect hairstyle for fancy events. Now decorate a chic headband for that extra strong and romantic look. Voilà! You are done with your hair for the evening.

52. Short, Wavy And Textured Low Ponytail:

A short low ponytail is always a good choice in summer. Part your hair deep at the sides, add some volume and texture to the tip and make a low ponytail with slightly curved ends right at the neck.

53. Asymmetric Curly Bob With Clipped Side Sweep:

With this short, asymmetric bob with wavy, textured edges, you can easily look trendy on hot summer days. Keep the sideways swing away from your face with a nice little hair clip.

54. Soft Textured Curls With Long Side Bang:

Do not let the heat affect your glamour quotient. Turn your long curls into soft, shiny curls with a long side sweep that swings over the cheekbones and apply plenty of hairspray to keep them in place.

56. Long Waves with Twisted Sides:

Create a middle section and let your long wavy hair flow relaxed over your shoulders. Now turn up the front hair from both sides and attach them together at the back. In this way you can easily prevent hair from falling over your face.

57. Sleek Smooth Layers With Outward Feathers:

Create a middle section and let your long wavy hair flow relaxed over your shoulders. Now turn the front hair up from both sides and attach them together at the back. This way you can easily prevent hair from falling over your face.

58. Textured Waves With Purple Highlights:

It is a short retro hairstyle in which the laterally split waves are intensively textured to avoid disorder and outliers. The deep purple highlights have made the deep black curls a real eye-catcher.

59. Cinnamon Red Layered Bob With Wispy Points:

If you want to shed your long hair in the summer, choose this short and casual layer bob with fuzzy tips. The gorgeous cinnamon red color is just perfect for lifting the mercury in the easiest way.

60. Loose Messy Waves With Hat:

A hat not only provides sun protection for our hair, but also plays a key role in styling. So keep your messy waves loose and increase your swing factor by choosing a nice hat.

61. Fringed and Layered Bob With Razored Ends:

This medium length bob with straight fringes in the front is perfect for a chic summer look. The ends of the plies are both shaved and slightly rounded to give the hairstyle the finishing touch.

62. Very Short Highlighted Bob with Layered Fringes:

Many women like to keep their curls very short during the hot summer days, and this boyish bob can be the ideal style for them. Subtle highlights and layered, sideways bangs are two specialties of this hairstyle.

63. Fringed Side Braid With Thick Side Bang And Hat:

This is a unique hairstyle in which the dark reddish-brown wavy hair is divided into two segments. One of them is twisted to a loose side braid, while the other is intensively curled to get a thick side bang. Spice up your look with random fringes and a nice hat. This choice can be one of the best summer hair color trends if you want to stand out in the crowd.

64. Volumized Topknot With Head Chain:

Nothing can be better than this clean and precise topknot with slightly voluminous back for styling hair on sweaty summer days. The head chain has served its purpose in quite a fashionable way. Isn’t it?

65. Casual High Bun with Short Side Bang:

Nothing can be better than this clean and precise topknot with slightly voluminous back for styling hair on sweaty summer days. The head chain has served its purpose in quite a fashionable way. Isn’t it?

66. Smooth Angular Loop Hairdo With Brooch:

A textured loop can be your savior during the long, sweaty days of summer. Texture your hair and create a square bow that sits a little low on the head. A fine hair brooch will make you look even more elegant.

67. Short Curly Ponytail On Layered Hair With Bang:

If you have short layered hair, adopt this hairstyle for this summer without thinking twice. Pull all your hair back together again and let yourself grow a half-height curly ponytail. A sexy side bang hugging your facial structure will greatly enhance your beauty.

68. Soft Airy Waves With Side Sweep:

Side swept bangs with long hair 20 full

These gentle, airy waves from Taylor Swift are enough to turn scorching summer days into cool and breezy days. Don’t forget to pull up the crown, because a little height to go with it perfectly balances the look.

69. Short Tucked In Bob With Layers:

If you don’t want to break a sweat, choose this exclusive bob. With this hairstyle, the end of each layer is neatly tucked in and textured, so you don’t have to worry about having to remove your hair from your face again and again.

70. Ballet Bun With Pouf And Graduated Fringes:

Just like the topknot, a ballet skirt is considered a viable option for a cool and casual summer look. However, if you make the crown more voluminous before making the ballet skirt and add thick, graded fringes at the front, you’ll immediately add a touch of sweetness to your appearance.

71. Huge Twisted Flowery Updo At The Top:

A summer hairstyle is by no means a compromise with glamour. Achieve that gorgeous look by straightening your hair and turning it up to huge floral updos at the top of your head. Apply hairspray to keep the hairstyle intact all day long.

72. Simple Curly Side Hairdo With Puffy Top:

Well, here is an absolutely simple hairstyle where the top hair is brushed back and volumized to create a puff, and the rest of the hair is collected over one shoulder for a nice romantic look. Make sure you roll up the ends of the curls to a certain degree.

73. Brushed Back Top With Straight Layered Bottom:

Look at this sophisticated short hairstyle that can easily turn out to be your statement for your summer style. All you need to do is brush back the top of your layered hair and smooth the bottom beautifully. You’re done.

74. Short Side Braided Waves With Wispy Points:

It is a shoulder-length bob with layered waves that can give you a pretty girl after door look. Here the hairstyle is enhanced with a thick lateral braid attached to the back of the head and fluffy ends of curls.

75. Bright Red Bandana On True Red Wavy Bob:

Bandana has become a tantrum these days. So why don’t you make it your trademark for those exhausting summer days? Take a look at the red decorated bandana on the real red waves in this picture and get ready to imitate the look.

76. Coily And Voluminous Layered Bob:

Bandana has become a tantrum these days. So why don’t you make it your trademark for those exhausting summer days? Take a look at the red decorated bandana on the real red waves in this picture and get ready to imitate the look.

77. Long Smooth Layered Locks With Fringes:

Keeping long stratified hair loose is an ageless fashion, and the best part is that you can choose to do it almost any time of the year and regardless of the weather. Short fringes at the front and a silky smooth finish can give it extra shine.

78. Beehive Hairdo With Uniform Fringes:

The secret of this “oh-so-gorgeous” look is a smooth, flawless beehive updo. Also add uniform fringes to complement the height at your crown. You’re ready for a chic and stylish summer party look.

79. Reverse Layered Bob With Side Sweep:

If you have short, fine hair, this would be your ideal hairstyle for the hot summer months. It’s basically a shoulder-length bob, which is characterized by inverted layers, sides, soft tips and a long side sweep.

80. Sexy Half Hairdo With Puff And Layered Side Bangs:

Here is an amazing half hairstyle for any kind of summer event. Give your parting more volume and turn the upper part of the hair into a flat bun, while the lower part should be left loose. A thickly layered side break gives this hairstyle an ultra-feminine touch.

81. Messy Bouffant With Side Sweep And Bow Headband:

Whether it is sweaty in summer or windy in winter, a bouffant can always make you look stunning. Here she has got a messy flair for a casual appearance. The sideways swing and the pretty bow headband have clearly spiced up the look.

82. Face-Contouring Bob With Rounded Ends:

A short bob that surrounds the edges of the face and contours it perfectly can be a good choice of hair trends for the summer. However, make sure you give the hair a smooth, polished finish by applying plenty of serum or mousse.

83. Beautiful Beachy Waves:

When it comes to the hottest hairstyles of the summer, we simply cannot afford to do without sexy beach waves. Can we? Create a middle section and let your messy and relaxed beach waves gracefully cascade over your shoulders. And away we go!

84. Half-n-Half Fishtail Braided Pony:

As the name suggests, it is a half-half hairstyle that combines a fishtail plait with a straight, smooth ponytail. The upper part of the hair is pulled at the back to form a precise fishtail plait up to the neck, where it is attached with an elastic band and transformed into a low smooth ponytail.

85. Loose Twisted Side Braid With Side Bang:

Make every single day of this summer highly fashionable by simply wearing this simple and light hairstyle. Gather all of your hair on one side of your head and twist it into a loose side braid. A long, messy side braid will greatly enhance your look.

86. Amber Red Pinned Hair With Side Sweep:

This amber red colour alone is enough to warm up the messy waves in summer. If you want to recreate this special look, simply create a side section, voluminize the top a little and pin a specific hair section on the back.

87. Upside Down French Braided Hairdo:

This is a modified version of the regular French braid, which is quite chic and stylish. Braid your hair upside down in the French style and hide the ends in the voluminous crown by tactfully securing them with hairpins. A perfect summer updo – we must say.

88. Side Braided Semi-High Ponytail With Braided Wrap:

Wear this exclusive hairstyle this summer and look like a real fashionista in every respect. Leave the front hair and design a half high ponytail with the rest. Now braid the front hair diagonally and wrap it around the base of the ponytail.

89. Long High And Smooth Braid With Hair Wrap:

Those who have super long hair can try this braided hairstyle this summer and get appreciated. Simply create a ponytail on your crown and turn it into a regular long braid. Finally, wrap a thin strand of hair around its root.

90. Super Long Braided Pigtails With Puff At Top:

Here is another simple and comfortable long hairstyle for a sweet and cute summer look. Make a puff at the top, twist the hair on both sides and finally braid the long plaits with extreme precision. Voilà!

91. Sleek High Ponytail With Pouf:

A high ponytail has always been considered a big hit for a sultry summer hairstyle. Here the slim, long ponytail is spiced up with a moderately voluminous tip. Pretty edgy, no!

92. Simple Half Updo With Twisted And Folded Hair:

This is a simple half updo that can make your summer fashion slightly sharper. Start with brushing and let the middle part of your straight curls loosen. Now turn the front parts up one by one and fold them into a flat flower-like bun at the back.

93. Luscious Layered Curls with Braided Headband:

Headband Prom Hairstyles good looking Prom hairstyles with headband pictures

When you have such long, lush curls, you really don’t need elaborate hairstyles or fancy hair accessories. Decorate your hair with a braided headband and look like the perfect summer princess.

94. Pinned Back Hair With Highly Volumized Top:

If you add volume at the top, your appearance can change completely, and that’s exactly what you need to consider with this hairstyle. Tease your hair a lot at the top to give it incredible volume. Then pin it at the back and let the rest of your straight, sleek hair relax.

95. Loose Waves With Angular Loop At Top-Front:

Forget fringes, bangs or irritating flyaways. This innovative hairstyle featuring loose flowy waves and textured top-front hair shaped up in an angular loop will let you enjoy the summer without any mess.

96. Puffy Slicked Back Platinum Blond Hair:

Give your long platinum blonde hair a new dimension with this excellent summer style. First stimulate the upper part of your head and then slide it back properly. Don’t forget to apply the mousse along the entire length of your hair.

97. Unique Twisted Updo With Polished Finish:

Give your long platinum blonde hair a new dimension with this excellent summer style. Stimulate the upper part of your head first and then push it back properly. Do not forget to apply the mousse along the entire length of your hair.

98. High Braided Bun With Texture:

Start by giving your hair texture by applying hairspray liberally. Now create a huge, round bun as high as possible and surround its lower part with a thin, tight braid. We simply love this classic hairstyle.

99. Beachy Ombre Waves With Side Braid:

Ombre hair is totally en vogue these days. So go to Ombre this summer and treat yourself to a stylish make-up. You can even add a simple side braid to make your beachfront Ombre waves look spectacular.

100. Low Twisted Side Bun With Side Braid:

If you have short hair, a bun with a low side can also be a good choice for the hot summer days for you. Make half a wrap by making a pretty side plait and turning it into a twisted side roll at the neck.

101. Smart Pixie With Intense Curls And Texture:

Last but not least: Here’s a distinctive elf haircut to rock the summer fashion. Curl up the short, frequent layers intensively and give them texture for a smart, cool and casual look.

Last but not least: Here’s a distinctive elfin haircut that you can rock the summer fashion with. Curl up the short, frequent layers intensively and give them texture for a smart, cool and casual look.